An All Natural Cure For Red Gums

Get Enough Vitamin C

The link between vitamin C and gum health has been known for many years. It was first discovered when ships went on long journeys and their crews all had gum problems by the time they made it to their destination. It was discovered that by eating certain fresh fruits that these gum problems could be avoided and it was eventually discovered that it is the vitamin C in these fruits that promotes gum health. Make sure that you are getting enough vitamin C to ensure that a deficiency there is not contributing to your red gums.

Decrease Stress

Too much stress makes everything worse, even plaque and bad bacteria build-up. As strange as this may sound, studies have been performed to indicate that this is true. Cut down on your stress level. It will not remove plaque on its own but it will keep this problem that can lead to red gums from progressing as quickly.

Use Natural Mouth Care Products

Begin by brushing your teeth with natural toothpaste. Some non-natural toothpastes have harsh chemicals in them that you may not want to put in your body and that you certainly may not want to put directly on your red, and probably sensitive, gums.

Other natural products are designed to kill bad bacteria which often lie at the heart of the problem of red gums and many other dental diseases. These natural ingredients, again, treat your red gums and all the tissues of your mouth with a softer touch than can often be found using alcohol and other harsh chemical products that burn the mouth.

These natural tips will help your red gums. Natural products especially can get to the real problem of plaque and its bad bacteria. If you kill and remove the bad bacteria from your mouth on a regular basis then your gums and your mouth will be healthier.